What Universal Studios Does Right

Photo Of Diagon Alley By Richard Rosales

When you compare Universal to Disney, I know that you will meet a lot of people that say that it is no competition. However, I think there are a lot of beautiful things that Universal does right, and that makes for a more pleasurable experience. Now I must admit I am a Disney fan through and through and go to Orlando quite often. With that said, I always make it a point to visit Universal Studios and often find myself thinking about how much I genuinely like visiting the parks.

Universal Express Passes

I know this one costs a little extra but talk about a feature worth having. I think Universal does this one right. When you go to other theme parks, they give you a limited number of passes, or they don’t let you take advantage of the pass until another one is up, but with Universal, you get an unlimited amount of access for one price. Every time that I have used this feature, it has allowed me to enjoy everything that the park has to offer and do everything that I wanted to do. The ability to not have to pick and choose what I am going to do or have to pick between two things that I want to do. Unlimited Express Pass is worth the expense to me, and I am happy to take advantage of this every time I go.


I believe that the theming that is done in Universal is far superior to anywhere that I have been. There are so many little features that make it just a bit better in the grand scheme of things. When you walk through the different areas of the park, you can feel the change and understand what they are trying to do. I know this might not be a popular opinion, but it is so phenomenal walking through that park and seeing the details that they put into the areas.


The attractions that Universal has been so diverse that they truly give you a little bit of everything and have something for everyone. You like thrill rides they have it. You want tame rides they have it. They intertwine the attractions with the theatre very well and make for such an enjoyable experience. For me, some of the rides don’t hit home as much as others do, but there is no denying that they have taken the time to make them fun for the whole family. One of my favorite things to ride is the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, and that’s because you get to pick a song to ride with. Talk about so fun and surprising; this experience can truly change based on what song you select. How many times have you ridden a rollercoaster with headphones in so that you can experience it a little better? This does that and makes it more fun.


Now I know this goes without saying, but the food in all parks are so great and make the adventure just a little bit better. Universal does a fantastic job of bringing you into the different areas and making your dining experience accurate to the area that you are visiting. Now you might say “well most parks do that,” but do they do it to the level of Universal is the real question. To me, the answer is no, and that is because how many parks have a seafood restaurant because you are in San Francisco or meat pies because you are in the back allies of London. This is what makes it super cool and adds another layer to your adventure.

Universal to me, is a little bit of a diamond in the rough because I don’t think they get as much credit for what they are doing as they should. Sure Harry Potter is pulling more and more people in and that is the most crowded parts of the park but next time you walk through Universal do it with an open mind and pay special attention to the details that you may have been missing. I wouldn’t go so far and say they are the best park I have ever visited, but I will say every time I visit Orlando it is a must do and that will not change because I like the atmosphere and the detail. For this, I applaud them for what they are building and will continue to enjoy their parks.

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