5 Reasons To Stay At A Disney Resort

Bay Lake Tower Resort By Richard Rosales

I have stayed in both Disney and none Disney resorts and when you’re going to Disney World I implore you to stay at a Disney Resort. When looking at the cost between the two, you will find that you can find a Disney Resort that is just as affordable. However, when you add in a few perks, it makes them downright amazing. You wouldn’t think that some much good can come from just staying on property, but it can make a significant difference.

Easy To Deal With Luggage

This is by far my favorite reason for staying at a Disney Resort because I don’t have to worry about my luggage. Yes, you don’t have to worry about your luggage. When you book your trip, you will receive luggage tags that you put on your bag. When you use these tags, you will be able to check your luggage with the airport and poof your bags will arrive in your room. Yes, I said in your room, and you don’t have to do anything but tag the bag. Disney has partnered with airlines to make sure your bags get from your home airport to your room. No baggage carousel, sign me up. They also have return service, so check with your Resort for more information.

Magical Express

This one seems like it isn’t such a great perk, but it is. When you think about a free shuttle ride from the airport to your Resort, and back the cost savings here adds up. The other beautiful thing is that you are already enrolled once you input flight information and the bus ride allows you to feel like you’re on vacation before you know it. Don’t snub the magical express because the journey is magical, so make sure you are on it.

Magic Hours

This should be a no brainer but more time in the park on certain days. Sign me up because that is more fun and less crowd. You can quickly lookup on the Disney Go App to find what parks are having magic hours on what day but if you are staying for a week or more then you will have your chance at every park. Usually, it is two hours, and that can get you on a popular ride before the crowd sets in. So double-check the schedule and get out there and take advantage of that extra time in the parks.

Resort Activities

Every Resort has a set of activities that if for their specific property. When you get in, you can find a whole slew of activities that you can be a part of. From movies in the park to making Mickey ears, this is a fun treat for the entire family. They also have resort specific information on the cultures that the Resort is modeled after. One of my favorite resorts to stay is the Animal Kingdom because they have a night trek where you can see nocturnal animals through night vision goggles. May not sound like much, but it is enjoyable and worth the time.

Staying In More Than One Resort Is No Problem

Have you ever thought about staying in more than one Disney Resort on one trip? Well, I have, and Disney makes it so easy to accomplish. You set up the reservation and then when the first one is up, call the bell desk and let them know you are changing resorts. You enjoy a fun day in the park and then when you get back all your bags are in your room, and your magic band is now linked to your new room. It was so easy I have done it a few times and use this when I want to stay at one of the more beautiful properties towards the end of my visit. That helps with cost on the entire trip, and you should not be deterred to give it a try.

These are why when I do Disney, I do it in a Disney Resort. The convenience and some cost savings to me make it a no brainer. Each person is different, so I won’t say you are wrong if you don’t pick the Disney Resort, but I will say that you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least look into it. I know that once I did, I never went back and felt like I was enjoying more of my vacation from start to finish.

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