So You Want To Take Better Photos?

Photo By Richard Rosales

There are always little things that we can do to up our photo game. We need to start thinking outside the box to help us get better shots from unique angles. We all want to take better photos, and taking a little time to think about what we are shooting will help us take the best shot possible. I use these tips when I shoot and take multiple shots with different tips highlighted to try and capture the best image that I can. So next time you are ready to snap that pic take a second and try one of these tips to give your photo game a little boost.


We all need to understand our location a little more when it comes to light. When we set out on the adventure, we need to take light into account, so it helps us get better photos. Taking a photo at dusk can create a much better-looking image of the same place just because we waited a little longer to make sure we captured the moment at the right time. When we scout locations, we should be looking for how the sun is traveling in the sky, and this will help us plan our shoot.

Don’t be afraid of the light we need to take it and embrace it. When we shoot with a lot of light, we need to try and use it more creatively — perhaps having that sunlight coming through an object will make a more dramatic shot. For example, if I am shooting someone in a field on a sunny day, we can find shadows that the light is casting to help make our shot more dramatic. Make the light work for you and embrace dusk and dawn for that fantastic natural lighting.

Change Your Perspective

Let’s face it shooting straight on in some situations isn’t very much fun. We should look at changing our angles to create unique perspectives that can turn the photo into something more. When we create a new perspective, you are creating more insight into the image and its story. With digital cameras and having tons of storage, we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things with the same subject. However, we should start by just changing our angles because that can change everything.
Try getting high or low so that we can change that angle. Getting close to the ground can help us introduce scale to show our foreground elements. When we get high, we can capture a subject in a way that not most people see every day, allowing us to create a positive impression through the photo. The most important things are to get out of our comfort zone and change the way we are viewing our locations. So many images that are taken from interesting angels change the way we see the image and what the image represents.

Shoot Through

When in doubt, we can shoot through an object to create exciting elements that we might not have been thinking about. Think about it terms of shooting a beautiful winding river looks excellent straight on but imagine what it would look like through the forest. The river will swoop in and out of frame behind the trees which will not only make for a good photo but add a little mystery to the photo. So shooting through something can change the way we perceive the picture and the story we are telling in that capture.

As you can see in the example shooting through something can make our photograph more interesting. We can use anything to shoot through whether that be traffic in the city to reveal someone waiting for a bus to shooting through a crowd of people to reveal our subject in the middle of the chaos. So we can see how shooting through objects can be a powerful tool that will allow us to create a fun and imaginative image.

Reflect Your Subject

Have you ever considered shooting a refection of a subject? This can be a super cool and powerful trick to have in your bag. We have all seen that super cool shot of a mountain in the reflection of a lake. Think about that for a second this shot is made more just by adding it into your foreground element. We can make photos more dramatic by adding some reflections into the image to show our subject differently.

You may not be able to use this all the time, but if we look around and see what we can use can help us find a better shot. When we scout locations, this should be something that you are looking for to help enhance your image and present a better composition. If we are shooting in the city at night, you can carry a bottle of water that you can lay down right where you want it to get the reflection that you are hoping for. Be resourceful in your shooting will help you create the vision that you are looking for.

Get Off The Beaten Path

No, let me make one thing clear you shouldn’t be doing anything super dangerous or super dumb to take a photo. With that said, we need to get away from where everyone takes the same picture over and over again. Why aren’t we moving off that path so that we can capture something at a new angle to make the photo better? Think about where you can shoot and don’t be afraid to take a look around to see what might present a better shot.

It may seem like a no brainer, but I still make that mistake today because sometimes the view is just so darn beautiful you can’t help it. When you scout the location, you should think about where a better angle might exist with fewer people around. When we think about this, we need to know that it is usually in a place that no one is thinking about. Walk around and see where you can capture an image that no one would think of. Again I say you should do this safely but also should have fun with it.

We all set off on the photography journey because we love taking photos, and it is something that makes us happy. In our journey as photographers, we should be striving to get better and just taking the time to change our perspective on what we are doing can help. Understanding that people around us take amazing photos and wanting to know why is what drives us to be better. These are tips have helped me, and I wanted to share them with you because we all need to help one another grow.

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