What Lenses Should I Have In My Bag

Photo By Richard Rosales

When you think about a lens, it can be overwhelming on what you should be putting in your bag, when you think about focal lengths to f-stops. I will go through lenses that you should be putting in your bag to cover a broad spectrum of photos and help you get the best out of your work. I will not go into f-stops and focal lengths based off brands because that is going to be something that will have to do with how much you can spend. When you think about f-stops if you have the ability to you, want to get as low as possible, but that doesn’t me you can’t get beautiful shot with a kit lens or a bigger f-stop.

All-purpose 24-105

You need an all-purpose lens that will help you cover a broad spectrum of photos. I have a 24-105 in my bag because it was the kit lens that came with my EOS-R. Although it is a kit lens, it is one of the better kit lenses that are on the market. The reason why you need this lens in your bag because it should act as your all-around lens. You need it to be wide enough to capture a landscape but be able to zoom tight enough to get on your subject. The way that I view this lens that it will be the one that I have on my camera as much as possible.

You want to have a lens that has a good range on it because when you are shooting on the fly or don’t have time to get a subject to stop and let you change the lens. This should be the swiss army knife in your bag when it comes to being able to pull your camera out and shoot. I know that sometimes I get caught up with this lens on my camera, but it does serve its purpose well.

Wide Angle 16-35

If you are a landscape shooter, then this is a must to have in your bag. You want to capture a beautiful landscape and bring a lot of that image into the frame then you can’t go wrong with a wide-angle lens. Being a landscape shooter, I love taking shots with this lens because it helps give just to the landscape that I am shooting. I also use this lens in portrait mode to provide a photo a different perspective.

With a wide-angle lens, you need to remember that you are stretching that image because it sees so much more. So, if you are too close to a subject, you can get distortion on the outside of the image that can take away from the overall image. You want to assess the situation and make sure that you are using that wide-angle lens to the best of its ability. However, as I said before, don’t be afraid to experiment with the lens because it can give you a different feel.

Telephoto 70-200

A must to have in your bag is a big zoom lens, and that is because we cannot always count on being right in front of a subject. If you are a photographer that likes to take pics of wild animals, this should be a must in your bag. When you think about a telephoto lens, there are so many things that you can do with them that they become worth the amount you have to pay for them. This is also an excellent lens for portraits, landscapes, and everything you can think of. The main thing here is that you let your creativity flow and think outside the box.

Making sure we have a lens with long focal length is a must because it will open up a world of possibilities in capturing images. Images that you thought you wouldn’t be able to capture are now right in your wheelhouse. If you do have a long focal length lens, I challenge you to go out shooting one day and only bring a telephoto lens. This is an excellent way for you to see how creative you can get with this lens and give you a new appreciation for it.

These are the three lenses that I have in my bag in addition to a prime and macro lens. However, when you are starting and trying to build a kit that can get you the most bang for your buck, then these are must-have. You can see how the focal lengths overlap each other, and I have done that to make sure that I am not missing something in the middle. You should have a vast range with this kit and allow yourself to be creative with it. Just make sure to fill that frame and keep shooting.

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