6 Tips To Help Your Landscape Photography

Photo By Richard Rosales

When we go to a fresh new place, we want to capture the beautiful scenery around us, and making sure we are ready to capture it is just as important. When you are getting ready to go shoot landscape, it is essential to keep these tips in mind to help capture the moment. Don’t be afraid to experiment when you are shooting landscape, but make sure you are accounting for what’s around you to help get a better shot. I will cover some topics below that I think will help you get on your way to shooting landscape a little better so you can obtain some fantastic images.

Set Up Your Composition

Thinking of composition should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially when we are trying to capture the moment. We want to take the time to set up our shot and make sure that we are using the entire frame to capture the moment. We should be looking at everything and anything to help us gain some meaningful composition and work with elements around us to enhance the shoot. If there is an interesting foreground element, let’s use it, or perhaps there is a cool lighthouse in the background. Positioning these elements correctly will help us get a final image that we are super excited about. Stay in that frame and make sure what is in the frame is what we want in the frame.

Wait For The Light

The right light will really help make your photo even more dramatic. When shooting landscape, the best time to shoot is during sunset or sunrise so we can get some pretty amazing colors in the sky. Keeping this in mind will help create a more desirable image and help us achieve a shot that we are proud of. When you look at fantastic landscape shots, you will notice that they are usually taken during these hours, and there is a reason for that because we need to capture the best light so we can be successful. If you’re an early riser, try getting out a little earlier to help you get some amazing images that you will be proud of.

Use Wide-Angle Lens

If you are not shooting landscape with a wide-angle lens, then you need to start. We love wide angles because they give us that broad view of everything and help make the shot grander in scale. If you compare a traditional lens to the wide-angle, you will see how much more you can get out of shooting with a wide-angle. When we capture landscape photography, we want to show the scene in its grandeur, and I feel that a wide-angle lens can help us do that. So, if you don’t have a wide-angle lens but want to shoot landscape photography, then I suggest that you pick one up and open up some new possibilities.

Shoot Low

When shooting landscapes, we really want to shoot in low, and what I mean by that is the settings on your camera. We want to have low shutter speeds with low ISO to capture as much detail as we can. If we aren’t trying to capture all the detail we can, then we aren’t doing the landscape that we are shooting justice. My goal when I shoot landscape is to invoke the feeling that I had when I saw the view for the first time. We want the viewer to gain every bit of detail that they can from the image.

Shoot From A Tripod

If we are shooting low, then a tripod is a must because it will help stabilize our shot. Shooting from a tripod will help us set up the shot and have it ready for when that light hits the right moment. I suggest shooting from a tripod whenever you can because you will eliminate handshake from your shot that may distort the image, and it helps you get prepared before you are ready to click the shot you have been waiting for. Also, by using a tripod, you can experiment with shutter speeds that will allow you to capture silky water or clouds, making for a more appealing image. So, get a tripod and use it whenever you can to help your landscape shots get to the next level.

Patience Is Key

When you are shooting landscapes, it is infrequent you can get that perfect image by just running up and snapping a photo. We have to be patient and let the shot come to us. When shooting landscape shots, we should not take a rushed approach because then you will get a rushed image. Think and plan out your shot and tweak as you go so you are allowing yourself to maximize your chance to get a great image. I would also suggest that you arrive at the location that you want to shoot earlier than you think you need to because then you have to let the shot come to you and not force it.

Visit Location Multiple Times

To get that perfect image, you may have to visit the same location over and over again so you can capture it. A lot of things factor into shooting landscape photography, and weather can play a significant role in how your shot turns out. So, if you want to capture a spectacular image, then don’t think that it will happen overnight because it may take visiting that same location a bunch of times before you actually get an image that you are satisfied with. Even if you are on vacation and want to capture a specific location, make time to visit that location a few times, if possible, even more. Not every day will afford us perfect shooting weather so don’t just play it by ear try and get out there a couple of times.

Landscape photography is difficult because you have to be willing to get up early and stay late at locations. This means that you may have to wake up at 2 in the morning just to make sure that you hit the perfect time of sunrise. Patience is vital whenever shooting landscape photos, so make sure you aren’t rushing your process. It helps you to know your location and plan your shot before you get there so that way, you can focus on capturing the right image and not where to get the best image. The last tip I will leave you with is to have fun. Photography is a lot of fun for me because I am always willing to make mistakes to get better. Don’t be afraid to make those mistakes and just keep shooting.

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