5 Of My Favorite Travel Splurges In Orlando

Photo By Richard Rosales

When you think about vacation, it can be a daunting task, and with that comes a budget that you need to stick with. At least a budget if you are like me because you don’t want to miss out on something because it is not in your budget. Over the past few years, when I have traveled to Orlando, I have made a conscious effort to splurge a little bit each time. I have decided what I was going to splurge on and how I would justify it in the end. When you can work that into your budget, it isn’t as big of a splurge as you might think, but it sure adds to the vacation experience.

My Food Vacation

Now I know what you are thinking, well you always have to work food into the budget. This is a funny question because the answer is still yes, but have you ever budgeted for a fantastic meal every night. Well, I did, and I call it my food vacation, I was able to hit some tremendous restaurants and try some excellent food just because I worked it into my budget. Now with this said, I do try and splurge at least one night a trip on some food that I will not soon forget, but to be able to do it every night was even better. So when you are looking for something fun and tasty, then try budgeting for an amazing meal every night. You will not be disappointed. The only problem will be breaking that habit the next time you visit.

Animal Kingdom Trek

Now, this was something that I will not soon forget, and if given the opportunity, I will do it again in a heartbeat. Have you ever wanted to get up close to the Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Well, this trek takes you on a walk through some pretty exclusive areas in the park. It also takes you on a fun little safari that is only you and a handful of other people. Wait, and you get some tasty cuisine that you can’t have anywhere else in the park. Well, sign me up because this is still one of my favorite adventures. If you are scared of heights, this might not be for you because you do cross a pretty high bridge and get to look down on some impressive alligators, but the whole experience is very worth it. They also give you a code to get photos from your journey so that way you can have those memories when you get home. If you love animals, then you need to work this into your next trip because it will leave a lasting memory.

Universal Express Pass

The best fast pass in the world is at Universal Studios, and I will continue to buy and use every time that I visit. I use this one and will continue to splurge on it because it gives me more time to enjoy the parks and get everything that I want to be done. They have an option for unlimited as well, and that is where I go because I don’t have to plan which rides I will use it on and get to go and walk through that express line where ever I decide to go. This is one that I suggest to everyone that goes to Universal and especially on those crowded days. I mainly use this one because I spend one day to enjoy both parks and this lets me do so without putting a time constraint on most of my activities and without having to sacrifice any attractions that I want to enjoy. So next time you have the chance and the budget give it a try because I think you will not only enjoy it but find that it is worth the expense.

Disney Event

We all hate when Disney is just too darn crowded, and one way that I help combat this is by enjoying one of the events that they have when I visit. The last one that I enjoyed was the Halloween event, and it was really cool because you get to ride Space Mountain in the dark, and they have other fun quirks like that as well. They also pass out candy at the end of the rides for you to enjoy, and you can even pick up a commemorative bag that you can use while you do it. However, the real reason that I love it so much is because it is a fun experience that allows me to enjoy the park with way fewer people. That’s right; the crowd is a lot smaller, and you can ride a bunch of popular rides and don’t have to wait an insane amount of time. So if you can work this into your budget, I would strongly suggest a Disney event because they are fun for the whole family.

Upgrade My Room

I couldn’t help but do this one because I was staying at Animal Kingdom Resort Jamba House. Now you have the option to be able to upgrade your room where your balcony overlooks animals that are out and about. The most noticeable are the giraffes, but it is so darn cool to be able to look out your window and see some amazing animals. One of my favorite things to do was to sit and have my morning coffee on the balcony so I could watch and enjoy nature. This was so fun and cool and was worth the extra money that I spent to be able to enjoy it. If you have kids, this is a must at least once because they will love to see all the animals that they have wondering around.

These are some of my favorite splurges and were worth the extra expense when I was able to do them. I strongly recommend these splurges to anyone, and I hope they have as much fun as I did. I know when I splurged on each one that it became the talk of the trip and was more excited that I did it, then worry about how much it cost. I did plan ahead and budgeted for each one, and if you do the same, then you will only be saving a little extra depending on how long you save for a vacation. The only problem is that you might want to do it again and again as I have in the past, but at the end of the day, the experiences do make the trip.

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